Consignment Agreement & Inventory Receipt

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CONSIGNMENT PERIOD: Sixty(60) days from the date shown on the Received Report.

PAYMENTS: Consignor receives fifty percent (50%) of the selling price. Payments are sent out anytime by request, after the consignment period ends, or when the balance is over $500.00. Account balance information is updated daily and Payment includes an itemized sales report.

PRICING: Pricing and any reduction in pricing of consignments shall be at the sole discretion of The Ritz Resale.

UNSOLD ITEMS: The consignor has until the end of the 60-day consignment period to pick up any unsold items. Consignor agrees that an unsold item that is not picked up may be donated in the consignor’s name, to a non-profit organization. A donation receipt is provided.

PICKUPS, DROP-OFFS & SHIPMENTS: Items arriving for consignment are ONLY accepted with the consignor’s agreement that any items, not accepted for consignment, may be donated.

LIABILITY: Consignor agrees that he/she will not hold The Ritz Resale responsible for loss or damage of items accepted on consignment, in transit to or from the store, or on the premises at any time. Items that are or become seriously damaged may be donated.